Service times during normal working hours are between 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday.


All prices quoted are per person unless otherwise stated.


Equipment Hire – if your event requires bespoke equipment then we will pass on the cost incurred from our supplier.


Labour – large events (100 covers or more) and those falling outside of normal working hours will incur an additional labour charge.


Any additional costs will be calculated prior to your event.






Park: Aurel Dufailly

Phone: 01242714366

Mobile: 07580868797


FCH: Kat Conboy

Phone: 01242 714591
Mobile: 07884 738 186


Oxstalls: Aurel Dufailly

Phone: 01242 715185
Mobile: 07580 868 797


Pittville: Kat Conboy

Phone: 01242 714591
Mobile: 07884 738 186

Hospitality at the University


Great catering helps create unforgettable events


Baxter Storey are committed to consistently delivering the highest standard of hospitality catering. Our food offer is intrinsically linked to the service standards which we set, and we will deliver a prompt and discreet service to you.

We are delighted to present our Internal Hospitality Menu which gives an indication of the services available. Our menus change regularly and are influenced by the seasonality of ingredients to ensure best quality and value.


The University of Gloucestershire has an institutional commitment to sustainability and is a formally recognised sector leader. Our Sustainable Food Policy seeks to reduce food miles, promote fresh and locally sourced food as well as healthy, organic, free range and Fairtrade products.


BaxterStorey has a reputation for delivering fresh, quality and sustainably sourced food. Sustainability principles are ingrained in both our working practices and menu selections. We believe that by placing sustainable behaviour at the heart of our business it forces the organisation to think differently, be more creative and innovative in how it delivers its services.


We will be pleased to discuss any aspect of your catering requirements with you, and if you have any special requests, we will do our utmost to ensure that these are accommodated. In support of this we are always happy to tailor or create a menu to suit your budget or special occasion.


Booking Procedure – we would ask that you confirm your booking 48 hours before your event so as to ensure that we can fulfil your requirements to the service standards set.

Please complete the Hospitality Booking Form which can be downloaded below and email it to the Catering Manager at the campus where you wish the service to be provided.
Hospitality Brochure
Hospitality Order Form