UoG Coffee – “Universally, Organically, Grown”


As part of the coffee offer across the University we are proud to provide a truly enviable coffee brand unique that is completely unique to UoG and offers customers a high quality, price sensitive alternative to Starbucks.

Launched at the beginning of the 2016-17 academic year at FCH campus, UoG coffee continues to go from strength to strength but what’s so special about it?

  1. It’s our very own, unique University coffee brand!
  2. Universally Organically Grown – it has its roots squarely drawing from the coffee bean which we have selected specifically for the university.
  3. The UoG coffee bean is called Darwin which is medium roasted with a taste that is like dark treacle meeting fruity pears.  Full rounded and alive with bright flavours!
  4. It boasts some enviable credentials:
    – Organic
    – Fairtrade
    – Rain Forest Alliance
  5. It is cheap & represents a substantial saving against any of our existing Starbucks coffee outlets
  6. It is quick with all service areas being self-service and equipped with the ability to process cash and card payments swiftly.
  7. You can enjoy UoG coffee in our mugs and do your bit to help the environment by not utilising disposables.  Enjoy your coffee the way that we intended e.g. from a mug!